“Without physical security, digital defenses crumble.”

Our CEO and Founder, Miles Parry spent 10+ years advising the UK government and large enterprises on critical security matters.

He previously founded Vo1t Custody, acquired by Genesis, where he architected operational SCIFs safeguarding billions in digital assets.

Miles later established MPCH in 2021, focusing on future proofing the security infrastructure of major institutions.

Kinga Bosse

Kinga Bosse is our Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MPCH. She brings over two decades of experience working in the finance, insurtech, and fintech sectors. 

She has held diverse roles, including innovation investments, M&A, and finance positions at major industry players such as Houlihan Lokey, AIG, and State Street. Her experience extends to senior executive positions, where she previously served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Lukka, driving transformative financial strategies and fund-raising activities.

Jan Hoenisch

Jan Hoenisch is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MPCH. His 30+ year career in the world of finance and technology has been marked by innovation and expertise. Commencing his career in defense contracting, Jan initially specialized in Command-and-Control systems for the US Navy before transitioning into entrepreneurship where he founded three successful startups in Capital Markets and Identity Fraud solutions.  His identity fraud prevention solution is now widely utilized by industry leader, Lexis Nexis. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of two groundbreaking trading solutions, resulting in the acquisition of 10 patents. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Jan has remained dedicated to product excellence, evident in his roles as CTO and in product management at renowned institutions like BlackRock, State Street, and DTCC, where he consistently translated customer needs into innovative solutions.

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