Data Security
Redefined for Institutions

MPCH specializes in cutting-edge cryptographic secure storage solutions designed to provide maximum security for enterprises' most sensitive digital assets, including cryptographic keys, secrets, and private data.

Our method combines a multi-layered blend of physical and cybersecurity measures, creating a robust protection framework anchored in zero-trust and zero-knowledge principles. This comprehensive approach guarantees that digital infrastructure remains safeguarded against both current and emerging security threats.


It starts with physical security. True cold security facilities.

*ISO27001, CIS v8, and NIST CSF V2 compliant

Crypto-Native Institutions & DLT Operators

Seamlessly integrate our cryptographic storage infrastructure into your systems, establishing an ultra-secure, air-gapped cold storage environment fortified by state-of-the-art security operations.

Utilize our military-grade security facilities to safeguard critical node infrastructure for your private permissioned blockchains.

Use Cases

Enhanced business continuity services

24/7 disaster recovery options

Key backup & recovery services 24/7 support

Diversified zero-knowledge, zero-trust private key storage

Fully air-gapped cold storage system with optional hot transit features

Ultra-secure permissioned node hosting

Insured by Canopius, a global Specialty and P&C (re)insurer and leading Lloyd’s of London Syndicate.


Government & Defense

Our solutions provide ultra-secure storage and computation for sensitive data crucial to national security, available through our rapidly deployable secure sites.

Vetted by NCC Group, our systems have undergone extensive code reviews and rigorous black team penetration testing. This ensures our security measures not only meet, but surpass the stringent requirements of the public sector.

Use Cases

Rapid deployment of secure data facilities in key locations

Safe storage for critical system keys

Classified data analysis without risking sources or methods

Proprietary Multi-Party Computation for secure, complex authorization chains

Insured by Canopius, a global Specialty and P&C (re)insurer and leading Lloyd’s of London Syndicate.



Protect your digital keys, data, and vital assets using our advanced tiered security module framework, which integrates physical security, cutting-edge cryptography, and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Our solution is reinforced with innovative Multi-Party Computation (MPC), customized to your unique requirements and compliant with the highest regulatory standards, offering strong defense against both existing and forthcoming threats.

Use Cases

Multi-layered security for enterprise root keys

Authenticated signing for application security

Encrypted Big Data storage with zero-knowledge transfer

Robust hosting for network hardware and sensitive data

Insured by Canopius, a global Specialty and P&C (re)insurer and leading Lloyd’s of London Syndicate.